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New ‘Krypton’ Teaser Trailer Revealed #SDCC2017

Krypton is a new tv series that will serve as a Superman prequel over at Syfy. Today, thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, we have a new teaser trailer of this show focussing on Kal-El’s heritage.

This teaser shows very little of the plot or the characters, only giving us a look of Krypton, a spaceship escaping or chasing someone or something, fight scenes, confrontations with no dialogue, some intense scenes and someone shedding blood over the House of El emblem while saying “Blood of house El will always bind us together”.


This teaser trailer didn’t show anything new at all, but it did show some information that had been announced back in May, as the teaser reveals the 2018 date of premiere, instead the late 2017 that had been previously set.

Krypton will tell us the story of Superman’s grandfather as he foughts for redemption of the House of El on the Kryptonian homeworld.

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Krypton will debut in the Syfy channel in 2018.

Source: SyFySyFy


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