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Fans Get Up Close Look at ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Klingon Costumes #SDCC2017

One of the most exciting destinations for San Diego Comic Con fans this year is the Star Trek: Discovery exhibit.

The Michael J. Wolf Fine Art Gallery has a display of costumes and props from the new series in the legendary sci-fi franchise.

One of the most talked about points of the show is its new take on the Klingons.

Discovery has changed the look and backstory on the most famous aliens in the franchise. Showrunner Aaron Roberts told Entertainment Weekly the changes were made so viewers could get invested in the Klingons.

“In the different versions of Trek, the Klingons have never been completely consistent. We will introduce several different houses with different styles. Hopefully, fans will become more invested in the characters than worried about the redesign.”

Roberts also stated that original showrunner Bryan Fuller helped design the new look.

Whether they like the idea or not (and most longtime fans don’t), the exhibit gives them an up close look at the new costumes and props Klingons will be sporting.

Note: The photo captions were taken from the description that accompanied the piece.

star trek 2017-klingon-costumes-female

House of T’Kuvma Klingon Uniform – Female – A representation of the style worn by female members and followers of the House of T’Kuvma. These were built piece-by-piece with hand-pressed leathers that were individually stained, painted, and molded for texture. Designed by Gersha Phillips and Suttirat Anne Larlarb, each costume take a team of ten costumers about 110 hours to create.

star trek 2017-klingon-costumes-helmet

Helmet and Collar – This is personalized for a high-ranking officer; each warrior’s battle armor is unique. The full body armor suite and helmet can fully retract and extend from the collar, achieved by a combination of physical elements and VFX. Built by Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page’s Alchemy Studios.

star trek 2017-klingon-costumes-male

House of T’Kuvma Klingon Uniform – Male – This gray uniform is worn by male members and followers of the House. The design pays tribute to Klingon ancestors and the path of honor walked by Kahless the Unforgettable.

star trek 2017-klingon-costumes-tb armor

Torchbearer Armor – Serves as both an EV space suit and battle armor, and worn only by a warrior chosen through a sacred ritual to serve as the Torchbearer, who can sound The Call for all the Klingon houses to unite by activating a ceremonial obelisk. Made using cutting edge 3D techniques. A hundred individual components were made from Neville Page’s digital designs.

star trek 2017-klingon-props-batleth 2

Bat’leth – A Klingon warrior’s preferred weapon. The original model was hand sculpted out of high-density foam, then turned into a 3D model and milled out of aluminum. Handle is hand carved and then cast in rubber.

star trek 2017-klingon-props-disruptor rifle

Klingon Disruptor Rifle – When a bat’leth won’t do the job, a warrior turns to his rifle. Inspired by The Next Generation disruptors, and made to look as ‘nasty’ as possible.

star trek 2017-klingon-props-disruptor

Klingon Disruptor -A weapon used by all Klingon warriors. Entirely 3D printed, with a hollowed-out aluminum center for electronics and batteries. Inspired by the Klingon disruptors seen on The Next Generation

star trek 2017-klingon-props-mekleth

Klingon Mek’leth – A ceremonial bladed warrior’s weapon used in close quarters combat, individualized to both the warrior and his/her House. Made from hand sculpted high-density foam and then turned into a 3D model and milled out aluminum.

star trek 2017-klingon-props-tb blades 2

Torchbearer D’k tahg – Ceremonial blades on the boots of the Torchbearer’s suit. Built by Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page’s Alchemy Studios, they are reimagined versions of the Klingon weapons from Star Trek: The Next Generation and other films & series. The daggers, helmets, and full suits embraced & augmented the culture notes from the original series Klingons.

star trek 2017-klingon-props-tb blades

Star Trek: Discovery airs Sept. 24 on CBS before moving to the network’s streaming platform CBS All Access. The show’s first eight episodes will air in the fall, followed by the rest of the season in 2018.

Do the new look Klingons make you more or less excited for Star Trek: Discovery?

Source: Screen Rant

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