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Dan Stevens Wants Patrick Stewart to Reprise His Role as Professor X on ‘Legion’ #SDCC2017

The cast of Legion had an appearance at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday and the show’s star, Dan Stevens revealed that he’d approached Patrick Stewart to have a cameo on the hit FX series.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stevens said, “Oh god, Patrick Stewart takes a lot of beating and he did seem interested. He seemed very unaware of the show, but I mentioned that he was my dad, and he seemed pleasantly surprised.”

This is good news for anyone who knows David’s comic book origins and know that Professor X is David’s father, something that has yet to be addressed on the series.

Dan Stevens Legion

Courtesy of FX

Going into the show’s second season, show runner Noah Hawley said that they definitely would like to explore that side of David’s parentage and that it would lead into questions that many who are adopted have.

Hawley  told ET, “I think we want to address that. It’s normal when you learn you’re adopted to want to know who your real family is. He doesn’t yet know the identity, so I think it will be a process to get there.”

Would you be excited to see Professor Xavier have a cameo on Legion? Be sure to let your voice be heard in the comment section below.

It seems as if  David will have a lot on his plate for the upcoming season. It was revealed yesterday that Wonder Woman star, Saïd  Taghmaoui would be the villain in the upcoming season as the formidable, Amahl Farouk AKA Shadow King.

The second season of Legion began filming this month and has an expected air date of February 2018.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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  1. Hey man if you have Farouk in the show you gotta have the Prof in the show too…only makes since, seeing as it was ol Charlie that beat SK while he possessed Farouk…

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