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#SOTD: Amy Winehouse- ‘Amy, Amy, Amy’

It's been almost 6 years since we lost one of the greatest vocalists of our generation, yet Amy Winehouse's music is still thematically relevant today. Millennial dating and its inevitable failures bring upon the same emotions often expressed in her music. She was an artist unafraid to bare her struggles and demons in her songs, and because she was so vulnerable with her fans, she's left quite the impression on those who related. If you're starting to find yourself easing into your "adult" boy/girl crazy phase, I advise you to have a listen to "Amy, Amy, Amy," available on Spotify and Apple Music. I especially encourage you to check out Frank in entirety. An essential classic.

Influenced by hip-hop greats such as Salt-N-Pepa, Winehouse had no problem expressing her desires and was comfortable in her sexuality from the beginning of her career. In this track, she expresses her weakness to a certain man that becomes a distraction to her as she tries to write a new song. Her use of imagery and wordplay are mostly why I love this song.

Masculine, you spin a spell

I think you'd wear me well

This is one of those songs where it took me a few years to understand what she was saying. The repetition of "Amy, Amy, Amy" is not simply a friendly reminder of who's singing the song, but instead a reminder for Amy to get back in her right mind and focus. She's been described as having poor impulse control, so it's implied that her attempts were futile.

Even though Winehouse is mostly known for her drug addiction, toxic relationships and erratic behavior, she was in fact a generous and charitable soul, having donated much of her earnings to a diverse array of charities. She was also known as a very gentle and kind-hearted woman by those closest to her, despite having a potty mouth and an inclination to be inebriated. Amy's story is one that many young women can relate too. She died while her music was still sad and laced with heartache. She was still making those common relationship mistakes, and never got to fully embody her redemption. Lioness: Hidden Treasures, released posthumously, was on its way. Sadly, Amy lost her battle with addiction and depression on the 23rd of July, 2011. It is hoped that instead of dwelling on her demise, her legacy will live on through her craft.

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