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Jessica Jones Season 2 Set Photos Show Trish Walker in Action

Season 2 of Jessica Jones is currently filming in New York. Earlier this week, set photos were released of actress Rachael Taylor portraying her character in the show Trish Walker. The photos can be viewed here!

As you can see, Trish Walker is continuing her path of kicking butt. In the comics, Trish Walker eventually becomes the vigilante and hero, Hellcat. It is yet to be seen if Trish will become the vigilante in the show, safe bet is when she does she will wear a more grounded in reality outfit compared to the suit she wears in the comics. My guess would be a simple cat mask.


Also in the set photos with her is actor Eka Darville who portrays the character Malcolm Ducasse. Malcolm is a frequent drug abuser, and judging by the photos he probably was being beaten by a drug dealer. No worries Malcolm, Hellca… I mean Trish Walker to the rescue.

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What do you think of these photos? Will Trish become Hellcat in season 2, or do you think that they will wait until a possible third season for her transformation? Let us know in the comments section below!






    • In the show Trisha played a character on TV named Patsy. It all ties in. She is Hellcat

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