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‘Silver and Black’ Will Be a Buddy Film Comparable to ‘Thelma & Louise’

Sony is hard at work constructing their leg of the extended version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their Spider-Man world. From a stand alone Venom  film to the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming said to be the first film to come out after the Infinity War story concludes, it seems like Sony has their work cut out for them. More recently, a lot of news has been popping up about Sony’s new Marvel film Silver and Black directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. While speaking with Variety, Bythewood gave details about her inspiration for the film.

Check out her statements below:

I wanted to tell the story of two damaged women who are at war with each other but need each other to survive.


Photo Courtesy of DGA

Bythewood also expressed that her main goal has been exploring the backstories of both her main characters Silver Sable and Black Cat and what caused them to take up the dangerous lives they were living and it all stemmed back to being haunted by the death of their parents.

As Sony works to weave together their own cinematic universe, their goal is to make each movie stand on its own. The new Venom film is being looked at as a spin on a horror film while Silver and Black is being looked at as a sort of a buddy film in the vain of classic films like Thelma and Louise or Midnight Run. Do you think Gina Prince-Bythewood is moving in the right direction based off of her comments? What type of story are you expecting to be told concerning this film? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Variety

Silver and Black has an expected release for October 2018.

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