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New ‘Gotham’ Comic-Con Poster Teases the Dawn of Batman

Gotham is known as the series who give us the… altered origin stories of some of the greatest Batman rouges, it’s also where we can see on a more closer level the path Bruce Wayne had to take in order to become the famous cape crusader.

In season 3 finale not only did we had our first look at Ra’s al Ghul, one of the greatest villains Batman has ever faced, but it also gave us a big hint that young Bruce Wayne, played by actor David Mazouz, is on his way to becoming The Batman.

Now, just three days away from Comic Con, we have a new hint.

Today it was revealed by TV Insider a new poster for Gotham season 4 where we can see Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon looming over Bruce Wayne, who’s on the edge of a building looking over his city with his jacket flapping in the wind in what we could call a Batman pose. But the tagline “Dawn of Night” is what really gives the biggest tease.


Up until now, only Gordon and Bullock are the ones given the villains a fight, so adding another hero to the mix doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Even though we are excited for this, is important to point out that David Mazouz is still too young to be in the Batsuit. And although we don’t know how long will Gotham stays in the air, is better to assume we will only see the beginning of his journey.

We will have more news for sure this weekend, with all DCTV shows coming to San Diego Comic-Con, where we even might get a brand-new trailer for this upcoming season.

What do you think about this news? What do you expect from Gotham season 4?
Let us know in the comments below!

Gotham is set to return this Fall on Fox.

Source: TV Insider


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