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What We’d Like To See In A Power Rangers Sequel

On March 24th, we were reintroduced to five misfits who would become the Earth’s greatest warriors, The Power Rangers! With poor box office results, we were all “Ay ay aying” to thought that there wouldn’t be a sequel. But thank Zordon for merchandise sales! Director Dean Israelite has stated before that Lionsgate & Saban, the man who brought us the original American TV adaptations, are discussing a potential sequel! You can read more about that here.

“Hey Dre, what would you like to see in a Power Rangers sequel?”
Great question, well pop a squat and let me tell you.



Native American Female Tommy Oliver


Let’s start with that post credit scene heard around the Morphing Grid. Tommy Oliver is in Angel Grove everybody! No actor was seen nor were their prefered pronouns mentioned in the movie, leaving room to genderbend/racebend the Iconic Green Ranger. My vote, as well as many others on the social medias, is to have a female, yes female, Native American actress play Tommy Oliver. There are few reasons to this somewhat not really drastic change: Tommy Oliver from the show is confirmed to be of Native descent, so let’s not take away this kind of representation from a severely misrepresented group of people. Also, why not even up the team of three boys and two girls with an additional female character? And just to piss off some people, I would love it if Tommy was openly bisexual! Imagine the dynamics of the team: Zack unapologetically flirting with her, Tommy playfully flirting back while also keeping tabs on Kimberly who has been questioning her sexuality after becoming good friends with Trini, causing some tension similar to the rivalry between the OG Tommy and Jason. It would also potentially create interesting parallels between her and Rita Repulsa’s time as the green ranger. My choice as to who should play Tommy would be Native (Mohawk) Canadian actress Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs best known as the lead from Rhymes For Young Ghouls. Honestly, I could write an entire article just on this one point but I’ll stop here for now.

Trini And Kimberly Become Closer


We have our first onscreen gay superhero and her name Trini! What? You want more? Then look no further than former queen bee Kimberly Hart! Sure there’s no confirmation that Kimberley is gay but that hasn’t stop online communities, myself included, shipping her with Trini. They even have ship names, Trimberly and Pink Lemonade, that’s how you know it’s real! You can’t tell me those two didn’t have some serious chemistry in the first movie. So for the sequel, I would love to have them develop this relationship even further. We don’t know a whole lot about Kimberly Hart. Why would her ex-friend send such an implied lewd picture to her, a picture that made Jason avert his eyes? Why was she so adamant on becoming friends with Trini? Why was that Krispy Kreme date scene so damn cute?!  It seems very possible that Kimberly may relate to Trini more than she lets on, and that she could be queer. Whether that means she’s gay, bi, etc. we have yet to know for sure but the clues are definitely there.

Look at this cute couple!


Billy and Trini Become Best Friends


One of my favorite things about the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the friendship between Billy and Trini. He could be exactly himself, and when no one else could understand him, Trini was there to help. Other than Kimberley, Billy was the first to offer his friendship to her. This iteration of Trini may not be as sweet as the OG played by the late Thuy Trang, but she is shown to be just as protective and quick witted. Billy is the same cinnamon roll he always has been with added bonus of being canonically on the spectrum. In the first movie, Billy had Jason act as his buffer for his more overwhelming personality traits, but who’s to say that Trini can’t find common ground with him and take over for Jason. I can see the two dorks starting petitions to clean up Angel Grove, while Billy attempts to invent something that would help in their cause. And if anyone can break Trini out of her brooding shell, it would be Always Happy Billy Cranston… with help from Kimberly of course.

Bulk & Skull


All I’m going say is we better get some form Bulk and Skull in this sequel. An easy way to introduce them and make them an interesting C plot, is to have the two boneheads return to school after being suspended for bullying Billy. However, with Billy’s new powers it becomes difficult to harass him and his new friends causing them to get creative like in the OG series.

Lord Zedd


At one point one of the most iconic Power Rangers villain, Lord Zedd, was considered for the first movie, Israelite tells ScreenRant in an interview. See here. Although he was ultimately not chosen, Lord Zedd is definitely in talks to return to the big screen like his boo thang Rita. With Lord Zedd, the Rangers may face evil they’re not entirely prepared for. Think of this way, Rita played with her food and ended up choking in the end, Lord Zedd will tear his plate up like Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house! And just imagine the concept art that will be created, remember in the show that ol’ LZ was nothing but Muscles and scantily clad silver armor.

More Weapons!


In the final battle scene we got a small taste of the Power Ranger’s Power Weapons with the Red Ranger using his Power Sword. Now I want the whole damn meal! Give me the Black Ranger’s Power Axe! Give me the Pink Ranger’s Power Bow! Give me the Yellow Ranger’s Power Daggers! Give me the Blue Ranger’s Power Lance! Give me the gah damn Power Blaster! And that’s all I gotta say about that.

The Soundtrack


With this sequel, if and when it gets made, the soundtrack needs to put the GO! GO! in GO! GO! POWER RANGERS! Khalid and Alessia Cara’s debut albums are basically your high school years in song. Their hit singles cover the highs and lows of being a teenager in the modern age. Kehlani would perfectly accompany scenes just for the girls, whether that be for a girls night out or an intense training sequence. And of course I gotta add my boy SuperDuperKyle with his mostly positive outlook on life that is clearly present in his music. A Kyle song would make an amazing party or team building scene. I’m honestly surprised that Becky G didn’t produce a song for the first movie, but after dropping Mayores… Lionsgate better get on it! So I know y’all got excited when the theme song started playing, but it’s 2017 and I think we could use an updated version no matter how good original is. I believe that the collab, Major Lazor, would create a morphinominal remix to the 90s classic. Now, this maybe due to my bias taste in music but I think these artists could really encompass the feeling of being Teenagers with Attitude. And I guess we could throw in some country for Billy…


Welp that’s what I’d like to see in the Power Rangers sequel! Let us know what you’d like see and check out my honorable mentions below. Also GO! GO! BUY THE BLU-RAY! The sequel isn’t confirmed yet and more sales from merchandise and DVDs/Blu-Rays will help!


Honorable Mentions:

  • Gail Simone as writer
  • Zack dancing
  • Rita’s Moon base
  • Background on Zordon’s Ranger team
  • Jason and Tommy sparring
  • At least a hint of Scorpina, please!


  1. Some interesting ideas! The only I would disagree with, is Kimberly and Trini becoming a thing. In many cases, it seems like two girls or two guys can’t just be really good friends without someone wanting them to get together. Other than that, I like this. 🙂 And heck yeah to Lord Zedd! If done right, he’ll make Rita look like a wimp

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