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Showrunner Adresses Controversy Over Klingons Aspect in ‘Star Trek Discovery’

With the announce of Star Trek Discovery some early glimpses are showing that the show is not going to back off from giving us some changes in the franchise, but one of those changes has created some controversy: the change in the aspect of the Klingons.


It is important to say that as Star Trek Discovery is set ten years prior to the events of Star Trek the Original Series, change in how the Klingons looks might seem like a pretty big deal.

NOTE: In Star Trek into The Darkness, we’ve seen that Klingons don’t look exactly the same, in fact they look scarier, but as the movies are set in an alternative time-line, the producers were under no pressure of following that design.


Klingons in Star Trek into the Darkness

To address the controversy, this is what showrunner Aaron Harberts had to say:

“In different versions of ‘Trek,’ the Klingons have never been completely consistent. We will introduce several different houses with different styles. Hopefully, fans will become more invested in the characters than worried about the redesign.”

The change, however, came from former showrunner Brian Fuller before he left the show due to his commitments with American Gods.

As said in the statement, this is not the first time there’s a change in the physical appearance of the Klingons, since the Klingons from Star Trek the Next Generation are different from the ones in the Original Series, and that same redesign stayed with Deep Space Nine and Voyager.


Klingons in Star Trek Next Generation 


Klingons in the Original Series.

The official explanation for the Klingons’ change of appearance was that a virus created by Klingon scientists to make bio-engineer enhanced warriors got lose and threatened to kill the entire race.

The fact that Harberts said “We will introduce several different houses with different styles” makes us think we will see various depictions of the Klingons. Maybe we will see new aspects we haven’t seen before or maybe, just maybe, some of them will look like in the original series. (But hopefully no because they used blackface makeup on mostly Caucasian actors).

Star Trek Discovery will follow the story of Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead), a  Starfleet First Officer (the first human educated on Vulcan) who’s forced to make an impossibly difficult decision during a Federation-Klingon cold war.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for this new Star Trek series?
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Star Trek Discovery is set to premiere September 24 in CBS All Access for US and Canada and in Netflix all over the world September 25 (expect US and Canada).

Source: EW.

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  1. C’mon man…at least leave the Klingons alone…ijs. Where my fellow Trekkies at???!!! Am I the only one trippin??

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