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Tracee Ellis Ross Down to Tackle Role of Ms. Frizzle in Live-Action ‘Magic School Bus’

There have been viral campaigns to get the talented Tracee Ellis Ross to play the beloved character of Ms. Frizzle if a live-action rendition of the popular animated series The Magic School Bus ever takes place.

The idea which was suggested by Josh Gwynn back in May has spawned fan art of Ross wearing some of the quirky teacher’s signature themed dresses, as well as hanging out with her pet chameleon, Liz. Check it out below:

Well, it seems that Ross has caught wind of the call-to-arms and she too seems intrigued by the idea. Ross took to Twitter and posted the following tweet below, urging fans to tell her more:

Now, I don’t know about you but I think this casting is beyond perfect. Tell me you can’t picture Tracee ushering her students to the bus and calling out, “Seat belts, everyone!” as the magic bus zooms off, turns into a submarine, heads into the water and takes them all on a field trip to see aquatic life up close? I know, I am getting ahead of myself but it would be amazing.

Let us know your thoughts on Tracee Ellis Ross taking on the role of Ms. Frizzle in the comment section below.

Clearly, this isn’t something that is set in stone as a live-action version of the series isn’t in the works, but we’ve seen the power of social media play out in our favour with the Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna team-up.

So, only time will tell but best believe I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for this to happen!

Source: Bustle

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