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Chris McKay Talks Nightwing Actor & Excrutiating Exercise Regimen

Nightwing, one of the greatest characters (and the fifth best Teen Titan) ever to be placed in a comic panel was confirmed to have his own solo film directed by filmmaker Chris McKay earlier this year.

Now, following several months of silence around the movie, Chris McKay has finally come out to talk about what the film needs in terms of casting the lead and the grueling tasks that they’ll have to go through.

According to Chris McKay, during an impromptu Twitter Q & A, has said that the actor will have to be “fully committed” to the role and that the film’s practice will be “grueling from a martial-arts, gymnastics and stunt perspective.”

Which, as both a comic reader and someone with quite a bit of martial-arts experience under my belt, makes sense for the character and his adventures.

Chris also manages to prove his Grayson knowledge as he goes through an extensive thread describing how Richard grew up in front of the audience’s eyes via his transition from Robin to Nightwing in the earlier books.

I have complete trust in Chris and I hope that he makes sure to retain Dick’s Romani ancestry, his personality, and his ideologies when faced with adversity.

What do you think? Are you excited for this installment of the DCEU? Tell us in the comments below!

Nightwing fights his way onto the big screen on an unspecified date.

Source: Chris Mckay’s Twitter

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