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New PS4 Spider-Man Details Released

During the game showcase at D23 today, we got new details about the plot of the new PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game.

According to developers from Insomniac, the game will feature a “new universe and new story,” thought it has been inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man series. Peter Parker is 23 years old, a comfortable, confident Spider-Man, and “an athlete in his prime.”


At D23, a behind the scenes video with developers explained some of the improved gameplay from when we first saw Spidey at E3.


The game’s open world appears to allow players to interact with numerous objects and environments to take down enemies, and allows for players to interact with areas like Peter Parker’s apartment. As of now, the game is expected to release in 2018.

When we last saw it, Miles Morales was hinted to be in the game, though as of yet it’s unclear what kind of role he’ll be playing.

Does the new gameplay get you even more excited for PS4 Spider-Man? What else are you hoping you’ll get to see? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gamespot

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