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The Batman Solo Reportedly Targeting a 2019 Release Date

Following news from director Matt Reeves that the Batman standalone’s script is starting from scratch comes a not so surprising wrinkle concerning its release date. Apparently, the film that was once meant to launch in 2018, when Ben Affleck was still at the helm, is now projected to open sometime in 2019. This reported change in the DCEU slate received note in a recent Variety article regarding Reeves’ reveal about the script.

At the time of writing, neither Warner Bros. nor Matt Reeves have corroborated or debunked the report. However, if true, this raises a myriad of questions. Chief among them being where the film’s events will align with the rest of the DCEU’s timeline. Surely such an adjustment will be reflected in new drafts of the script, which may or may not explain the necessity of a restart.

Batman grapple gun BvS

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

With filming not expected to begin until later this year, after Reeves has taken a much deserved short break, a 2019 release seems like the best case scenario. Again, this appears to merely be speculation; therefore all should be taken with a grain of salt. Hopes are that WB has Batman news in tow for Hall H next week, but that too seems doubtful.

The Bat will appear on the big screen later this year when Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

What are your theories on how the Batman solo potentially opening in 2019 will fit within in the DCEU timeline? Let us know in the comments below.


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