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New ‘The Gifted’ Character Promos

Marvel’s X-Men has a cast too massive to fit in any single film or show. Recently, Fox debuted Legion, a series centralizing on one of the more obscure mutants and has since been incredibly well-received. Next to film successes such as Logan and Deadpool, it looks like Fox is on the rise of superhero-sized hits, and they’re hoping The Gifted will likely follow suit.

The Gifted will focus on a family whose two children begin to manifest powers, having to deal with the dangers of becoming a mutant and the shifting alliances that come with it. We suspect we’ll be seeing much more X-Men characters from the comics making appearances in the series.

Following the trailer, new promos for The Gifted have been released that give us a more in-depth look into the characters we can look forward to meeting in the show. Included are Blink, Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, Agent Turner, and the Strucker Family.

Although the promos are just ten seconds long, it allows you a snippet into the character’s emotions and motivations. You’ll get to see more when The Gifted premieres on Fox, October 2nd.

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  1. i get that this isn’t wholly and completely based off of the characters from the books…but man I wish they woulda let Polaris keep the green hair…not complaining just sayin…

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