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‘Supergirl’ May Play a Larger Role in This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover

One of the criticisms plaguing the Arrowverse’s Invasion! event last year was the minimal, nearly non-existent, involvement of Supergirl. While Kara herself remained a highlight during the three episode-arc, her show acted as only a tangential lead into The Flash officially kicking the crossover off. Apparently, this will be rectified to some extent for what is planned the next time around.

According to Stephen Amell (via Screen Rant), an effort is being made to get everyone more involved:

“I think the idea this year, from what I understand is, last year they said four-night crossover but in a lot of ways, Supergirl was just kind of a lead in to The Flash, so I think this year they really want to get everyone involved. It’s not going to be a four-night, well I guess four-night, but Legends and Flash are on the same night. I think they want to get everyone involved in every show. I like having the anchor, we have the anchor this year, Thursday night.”

Of course, this raises the question of whether Supergirl characters such as Winn, James, Alex, and J’onn will make the jump from Earth-38 as well. There was a small taste of it in the Flash and Supergirl musical crossover. However, the real hope is centered on seeing all superheroes of the Arrowverse featured on screen together at once.
Arrowverse Invasion! Crossover

Photo Courtesy of The CW

At this juncture, there’s been no news on what this year’s crossover event will entail. The stakes, especially those of the emotional variety, are said to be much higher, though.
What are you looking forward to the most in the crossover this year? Seeing the Hall of Justice fully operational? Perhaps having Superman join in on the fun? Share your hopes and dreams in the comments below.

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