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#SOTD: Jason Mraz-“Butterfly”

Although it comes from the same album as the viral hit, “I’m Yours,” those unfamiliar with Jason Mraz’ discography won’t believe “Butterfly” comes from the same vocal cords. Trust me, I’ve witnessed people’s confusion firsthand. It’s groovy and rhythmic, which is the sound I’ve loved since middle school. Yes, I’m bragging about being a lifelong Jason Mraz fan. You can find it on Spotify and Apple Music

People are usually shocked to discover the singer’s explicit side because the public usually spotlights his more melodic hits such as “I Won’t Give Up.” But “Butterfly” comes as no surprise to me. It’s a song about a woman’s more… intimate parts, a concept previously revisited on one of his singles, “Geek in the Pink.” Mr. A-Z is what I like to refer to as Mraz’ flexing moment, and “Geek in the Pink” maintains that theme. He’s like, “I know I’m good at what I do, but I’m gonna keep it to myself.” On the other hand, “Butterfly” is all about how a woman has him entranced with her entire presence and not just her, um, butterfly. You can always tell when one of your faves has finally fallen in love by the way their subject matter changes. Hashtag Growth.

The horn section and Carlos Sosa’s saxophones come in strong and carry the song’s arrangement. It reminds me of his bands he played with on his live album Selections For Friends. He begins to fantasize about a woman he’s infatuated with in a slow and seductive tone, bringing the beat back in for the refrain.

You make the call to make my day,

In your message say my name,

Your talk is all the talk,

Sister you’ve got it all.

As a woman who’s just recently learning to be in love with all parts of herself- from wit, sexuality, flaws, strengths- this song served as a daily affirmation to myself that I am that deal. And even if you know all these things about yourself, this song is still a great reminder of the marvelous and sensual woman you truly are.

Even if you’re not an empowered woman and identify as something else, this song is still essential to everyone’s summer playlist. It’s fun, catchy and beautifully written from the instrumentation go Mraz’ harmonies with the backing vocalists. It works in any setting. You could be twisting your hair up late at night, working on the hood of your car with your stepdad, or driving to the job you hate. This is sure to brighten your mood, whatever the occasion.

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