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#SOTD: Sonder-‘Too Fast’

I am a sucker for easy-listening ballads over trap beats, and while SoundCloud is surely teeming with artists of that criteria, we have to talk about Sonder, a trio with a mostly incomparable sound. Last summer’s Into EP was full of innovative production from Atu and Dpat, accompanied by Brent Faiyaz’ haunting and angelic vocals. Their lead single “Too Fast” off of the project can be found on Spotify, Apple Music,  and Soundcloud and the EP is still available for download on Datpiff.

I could be dead by tomorrow. I can’t call it, so I ain’t got no time to wait

As a young creative individual, when one finally finds ambition and a drive to pursue their passion, they will almost always encounter people that tell them their dreams are too big and encourage them to settle for what is easy and comfortable. They’ll tell you to come back to earth, slow down, and put your dreams on hold to conform to the cycle of uninspiring labor. Brent Faiyaz says “No thank you.” And so do I. In this economy, creatives don’t have time to waste trying to please people that will never understand we’re meant to do more than pay bills, raise kids and just get by on a loop. If that’s your calling, that’s all fine, but don’t ever feel it is within your right to project your fears of failure and inadequacy onto those destined for greatness.

People say I drive too fast, live too fast, move too fast- ain’t no such thing as too fast for me.

If you’re unfamiliar with this particular track, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard Brent lending his vocals to the song of everybody’s summer, “Crew” by fellow DMV natives, GoldLink and Shy Glizzy. He even put out his own solo project A.M. Paradox last fall, which features honest and deeply soulful hits like “Poison” and “Lovely.” There is something so raw about this man’s voice that it becomes intoxicating and almost addictive. After the bridge on “Too Fast” breaks, the imaginative range of both producers to completely switch up original beat results in an outro reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. It’s still the same song, same message, different emotions and perspective. The snare is no longer just the rhythm behind the music, you can literally feel that drum kick. Y’all are going to get tired of me reminiscing about my seven years as a percussionist, but people mishandle drums so often that when someone takes it into consideration to perfect that joint, I have to give them props.

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