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Charlize Theron Is Ready for a Furiosa Prequel, Waiting on George Miller

It’s been two years since Mad Max: Fury Road took the world by sandstorm and there has been no concrete news of a sequel, prequel or any other -equel. This is primarily due to director George Miller’s indecision on how he wants to continue with the franchise. However, Charlize Theron is excited about the idea of a Furiosa prequel saying she’d “love to” do it. She continues:

“There were three scripts. They were written as back stories to Max’s character and to Furiosa’s character. But at the end of the day, this thing lives and breathes with George [Miller]. I think Warner Bros. knows that. We are all waiting for him to show us the way.”


There has been a suggestion of a prequel with Furiosa at The Green Place.

Mad Max: Fury Road was a resounding success. It made $378.9 million at the box office worldwide and nabbed six Oscars from ten nominations whilst being one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year. Talking to The Independent in April, George Miller has previously expressed interest in making two more movies:

“These characters and these worlds tend to swirl around in the back of your brain like imaginary friends […] We dug deep into the subtext, the backstory of all the characters, and indeed the world and without really thinking about it, we wrote two other screenplays just as part of the bible of the stories. Somewhere, if the planets align, there will be two other films.”

Talking to Entertainment Weekly in January, George Miller talked about the potential of telling various stories set in the Mad Max universe arguing that he “could tell the stories of every character in the story”. Moreover, in regards to Furiosa he said he’s glad people are picking up hints about Furiosa’s potential story:

“One of the things that’s really gratifying, people are reading the film more than just the surface — the events of the movie, and just picking up a lot of stuff underneath it, which is very deliberate. You work hard to get that in there so it’s not just empty action — that you’re getting some stuff out of it. You’re learning about characters and their relationships and the world and so on. So in many ways, the audience is picking up a lot about Furiosa — or enough to intrigue. And she’s got an interesting story.”

What do you want to see in the next Mad Max movie? Are you more interested in Furiosa than Mad Max like me?

Source: Variety, The Independent, Entertainment Weekly


  1. What I like most about a movie is the worldbuilding. The world of Max looks like something was happening before the audience showed up to look at it, and not all movies do that well. That whole world has a backstory, and you can tell any story in it, but the setting is already so well established.
    I’d love to get the backstory on the Vuvulini, or Nux, or just the Brides. Any one of these character stories would get the butts in the seats, I think.

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