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Steppenwolf’s Actor Talks About His Character and What We Can Expect of Him in ‘Justice League’

Steppenwolf, the main villain in the upcoming Justice League, apparently is going to be a little different from what we first expected to see.

Before we began, if you’re not familiar with who Steppenwolf is, we tell you: He’s Darkseid’s uncle, leader of the military in Apokolips (home of Darkseid), known as a tactical genius and wih powers similar to a god. We first saw him in the Extended Cut of Batman V Superman when Luthor is at the Kryptonian ship after having created Doomsday.

PNG-Promo-Z6.pngSteppenwolf in Batman V Superman

Ciaran Hinds (Game of Thrones), the actor responsible for bringing Steppenwolf into the big screen, had a little chat on BBC’s Michael Ball Show and there he revealed some interesting things about his character, like the fact that there is no custom at all:

“I’m sorry I’m not in costume. I didn’t even have a costume when I was doing it. It’s all done in motion capture. So… they stick a helmet on your head, they put two cameras around, and they capture all your expressions, facial expressions. So basically, they’re going to concoct some kind of construction and they will use my facial expressions – eyes, mouth, voice – they’ll turn into this murderous, avenging Steppenwolf from the planet Apokolips, apparently. Who’s bent on Hell on Earth.”

Since his role is mostly CGI, is apparent that he did not interact with the Justice League cast:

“No, I don’t know whether they’re all afraid to come and meet me– no, no they weren’t, really. Because it’s imaginary, you do it with green screen… That was another challenge, you could say, yeah. But it was quite fun. And they’re very encouraging in what you do, suggesting ‘Over here, look over there, imagine that, do this here, they’re coming at you now.’”

This makes us think… is he going to face the League or is the League just going to fight Parademons to prevent them from taking the Mother Boxes? What kind of role will Steppenwolf have on the film? Are they waiting for the sequel to finally face Steppenwolf AND Darkseid against the Justice League?

game-thrones-ciaran-hinds.jpgCiaran Hinds in Game of Thrones

His screen time has not been revealed, however, in another interview with The Independent, Hinds hinted the place where his character is in Justice League (emotionally speaking):

“He’s old, tired, still trying to get out of his own enslavement to Darkseid. [But] he has to keep on this line to try and take over worlds.”

Now, with this information, it’s only safe to assume that Steppenwolf won’t be a a willing commander in Darkseid’s army, but more likely a fellow slave to the ruler of Apokolips. One can only imagine what could happen when the League is, hopefully, about to beat him… if they do in fact have a face to face with him.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for this villain and what he has to offer to the DCEU?
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Justice League is set to premiere on November 17.

Source: SR and Screen Rant.


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