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Stephen Amell Discusses Flashbacks For ‘Arrow’ Season 6

Arrow is rapidly heading towards its sixth season and Stephen Amell who plays the titular character of Green Arrow has recently revealed that while flashbacks will happen in the upcoming season, it won’t be a major point like before. A large part of the series has been the retelling of Oliver Queen’s time on the island of Lian Yu through flashbacks, but with the island exploding in the season five finale, the arc is pretty much over as well as the continued need for going back in time.

While in an interview with, Amell announced that the sixth season premiere will incorporate the use of flashbacks, but not as much going forward with the season as a whole:

“There are flashbacks in the first episode that take us back to the immediate aftermath of the events in the finale. Which is one of the reasons that I had to shave my beard, so I could match up with the finale. There are no flashbacks in the second episode. You know how occasionally over the course of five seasons, typically it’s been Oliver’s flashback? Sometimes there have been episodes where there’s no flashbacks, and sometimes we’ve had flashbacks where we focus in on Diggle or Felicity or Renee. I think that’s what will happen this year, that we will have the occasional flashback. We’re not telling a linear story anymore about Oliver’s time on the island. We’ve brought that one full circle.”

Ya’ll excited for season 6 of Arrow?  Are you ready for the series to end? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Season six of Arrow will premiere on October 12th, on The CW.


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