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Russian Superhero Film ‘Guardians’ Will Get North American Release

In February Russia was given their own version of the Avengers in the form of Guardians. Guardians is a superhero film that follows four individuals who were enhanced by a mad scientist during the cold war to be the ultimate weapons. Struggling to find normalcy in modern day, the heroes are called upon to face supernatural forces that threaten Russia and to exact revenge on the scientist who created them. Together the team is made up of a man who controls elements, a super soldier assassin, an invisible woman, and a man who can turn into a large grizzly bear. Think a team made up of Aang, Bucky Barnes, Susan Storm, and well a huge man bear (Pretty much a first). Sounds awesome right? Well, it bombed in the Russian domestic market. With a reported budget of 5 million U.S. dollars, their return was around 3.7 million.


While disappointing, it has led to Shout! Factory acquiring the rights to the film. They plan on releasing the film later this summer in the United States and Canada on digital, home video, and streaming sites. Guardians did not do well in Russia, but with superheroes firing on all cylinders in the North American market, a different take on humans with super powers may be just what the doctor ordered.


With all that being said, what is your interest level in seeing this movie? Do you want to give the new superhero team a chance, or would you rather pass? Let us know what you think about the upcoming film in the comments below! Also checkout the trailer below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. I watched this movie on Amazon, and it wasn’t bad. Some of the special effects are a tad dodgy, and I had trouble keeping up with some of the badly translated dialogue, even though its not a difficult film to understand. I liked it and I’d watch it again, although you may need to be Russian to get any depth from it.

    That guy with the scythes is like a cross up between Batman and The Flash, which I thought was pretty horrifying because Batman does not need super-speed.

    I liked the Bear Man though, and he, hilariously, gets an upgrade, about a quarter of the way into the movie, to Bear- Man with Giant Gun. You couldn’t even try to get that idea into an American made movie.

    I thought the female character was the weakest but maybe that’s just me.

    Its not a great film but its a good, grade B, action movie. Not anywhere on the level of Winter Soldier or The Avengers, but not horrible either.

  2. I agree with the first comment…it’s a movie to look at on one of those boring days or a rainy one…and oh yea there’s a Marvel character by the name of Ursa Major a mutant who is part of the Winter Guard that change into a grizzly bear, thought not a bear with a human body lol. So it’s not totally a new concept.

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