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‘New Mutants’ Set to Begin Filming Today

20th Century Fox is busy at work getting ready for a packed 2018 for their X-Men universe. With three films set to be released, filming for these projects has already begun or will be starting soon. That is the case for the 2018 project New Mutants which started filming today. Directed by Josh Boone, this X-Men story will seek to push the boundaries of the universe becoming the first horror film installment.

News broke from Boone himself who through social media, announced that filming would begin today, Monday July 10:

This film will not be Fox’s first time breaking the traditional X-Men mold. The first installment of the Deadpool franchise broke records for the studio as an R rated comedy/action film. However, this film will be groundbreaking as a horror film inside of the super hero genre.

The cast for the film revolves around young characters including Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga, Charlie Heaton, and Blu Hunt. The film will involve these young mutants having to work together in order to save their own lives. Rather than a large spectacle where the X-Men are in a battle for the fate of mankind, this film will be much more intimate and small scale in stakes.


New Mutants is set to be released April 13, 2018. Are you excited for this change up in the genre, or are you disappointed in the direction of the film? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Josh Boone Instagram

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