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Check Out These Black Panther Style Fan Trailers

There has been a trend lately where fans have been remixing trailers to match the style of another, usually a trailer that has a ton of hype. Essentially, what these fans do is cut a trailer to match the narrative, editing, or styling of the one they are trying to imitate. People have been remixing trailers for some time, particularly ones that could use the creative boost. This time around the trailer with all the hype is the Black Panther teaser. The electrifying teaser has amassed great anticipation for the film. Here are a few of the best Black Panther style trailers.

John Wick: John Wick already has some bad trailers, but this kicked it up to all new levels of awesomeness.

The Batman: This fan made trailer will certainly raise expectations for the future Batman flick. Let’s hope it is half as good as what this fan envisioned.

Blade: This trailer could use some work, but it’s got the right idea. Blade has recently been a topic of interest for Marvel fans, particularly fans excited for Black Panther. Perhaps Blade will be returning to us soon, lets hope Black Panther does extremely well at the box office.

Deadpool: The creative team behind the teasers and trailers for Deadpool 2 definitely need to catch onto this trailer remix trend.


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