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How Soon Could We See Miles Morales in the MCU?

As Spider-Man Homecoming swings into theaters, and is surprisingly enjoyable (as someone was severely lacking in excitement for the film, I came out pleasantly surprised and ready for a sequel), all eyes turn to the future as to where this new MCU incarnation of him could be headed. But as a fan of Miles Morales, my eyes turned to where we could possibly see that character.

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man Homecoming, this article has spoilers, so you may want to click away and wait until you’ve seen the film to come back and discuss. There’s something that happens in it that’s amazing, and that I don’t think people are going to help being able to talk about.

Still here? Okay…

In the new film, Donald Glover plays Aaron Davis (aka Prowler), the uncle of Miles Morales. During a conversation with Peter Parker, he talks about how he doesn’t want to have a lot of alien technology in the neighborhood – because he has a younger nephew that lives there. Watching the film, a big smile immediately hit my face and I began to fantasize about when we could possibly see Miles Morales in the MCU. Of course I had some ideas, and I immediately had to share them with you. Here are my top five ideas for how Miles could be used going forward.


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#1. He’s in the sequel.

This seems like the most obvious route to take. If Peter Parker is fifteen, that means Miles can’t be any older than nine or ten. Usually in the comics, Peter is the older one and Miles is portrayed as a kid. He’s around twelve when he becomes Spider-Man, so I would assume that MCU Miles is younger than that. So he’s not old enough to be in the same high school with Peter (more on that in a moment) but he’s young enough that we can begin to start to see him and Peter interact.

For everyone who’s convinced a Miles and Peter team-up would feel off: Superpowered duos work. They do! Just look at Barry Allen and Wally West on The Flash. Supergirl and Superman. Hell, Batman and Wonder Woman in the DCEU. I think having two Spider-Men would feel fresh and different, and it would be something that could work organically towards having a mature Peter Parker.


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But even if they didn’t necessarily want to go in that direction, they could just have Miles be a young kid who Peter encounters on one of his missions, who maybe helps him out and has a bit of a spark in him. We already have Donald Glover confirmed as Aaron Davis, so he could return, maybe taking a young Miles out to the park or something?

I think Miles appearing in the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel, whatever they end up calling it, would feel organic and not forced at all. It’s debatable how big his role would and should be, but given the popularity of the character I don’t think it would be wrong to assume Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal and company are fast-tracking his live-action counterpart.

#2. He appears in Infinity War.

Since Spider-Man is going to be in Infinity War, and the events of the two Infinity War films end up affecting the plot of the Homecoming sequel, I don’t see why Miles couldn’t show up, even for a brief moment. He could even be in both Infinity War and the Homecoming sequel. But I think seeing him in Infinity War would make sense, since this is, according to Kevin Feige, the “unprecedented conclusion of a 22-arc cinematic universe”, and pretty much every other character is going to appear. Why not introduce some new ones?


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I’m not sure how large Peter Parker’s role is in Infinity War – and one can only hope it’s big, given the way fans are responding to Tom Holland’s portrayal of the character – but there’s no reason Peter couldn’t run into Miles Morales on one of his missions for Tony Stark. As things stand in the MCU, Peter is still your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, not having gotten the call up to the big leagues yet. So a run-in would Miles would not only fit with the continuity, but make sense with the story.

Okay, now here’s where things start to get a little more far-fetched…

#3. He could appear on Netflix.

I know. The likelihood of a Netflix Miles Morales show is unreal, but awesome. I personally don’t think the character would need the darker, gritter Netflix treatment, but Spider-Man Homecoming gave us a glimpse into the Queens crime ring with Donald Glover’s character, and I think there are some excellent arguments to be made for Miles knowing or being connected to Luke Cage. He’d certainly fit in there, and then we could have a bit more connection to the Netflix shows. Also: Tony can’t mentor everyone, can he?


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#4. He could have his own solo movie.

The likelihood of a Miles Morales film before Peter Parker has even finished his own trilogy is pretty slim, but hear me out. If Black Panther is as huge as we’re all predicting it will be, and Marvel realizes they’re sitting on some gold mines with their Black characters, maybe they’ll be suddenly interested in Miles Morales headlining his own film. And I can see it. Peter didn’t get an origin story, but Miles should. See him come into his own and not necessarily want to be Spider-Man. Maybe something happens to Peter and he has to take over in Peter’s absence? I think that inner turmoil and conflict would not only be great to watch, but true to the character.

Plus, I would love to see Black American characters in the MCU portrayed realistically. We have Black Panther as the picture of royalty and class. Now give us Miles and his family as low class, working people trying their best to make it by. I think a live action Miles Morales movie would truly be something special – and could be Marvel’s grittiest picture to date if they played it right.


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#5. They could kill off Peter Parker.

Not only do I not see this happening – at least not any time soon – but I don’t really want it to happen. Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker, in my opinion. He made me care about and like the character, and want to see more of him. So seeing him die would not only be extremely emotional (hello? There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the theater) but it would also feel too early. I want to see Holland have years and years to play in this sandbox before he hangs up the Spidey suit.


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But it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. It’s happened before in the comics, and I think a lot of people would argue that it’s time for Miles to be the star of the Spider-Man films. However, I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.

What do you think? How soon can you see Miles Morales showing up in the MCU, and how do you hope they use him? As long as it’s as soon as possible, it’s fine by me.


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  1. I would be in line to see several cameos of Miles, in IW, or the Spidey sequel. The sequel would be an excellent way to introduce both Miles and Prowler as actual characters, too.

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