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Black Ranger’s Back Story was Cut From the Film According to ‘Power Rangers’ Director

Power Rangers was not the blockbuster hit it deserved to be. In recent interviews the Power Rangers director, Dean Israelite, has shed light on possibilities of why the film had issues in the box office. One of those flaws was the amount of scenes cut from the film. A recent interview from Israelite has revealed that one of the Rangers in the film had their story arc cut in order to reserve run time.

In his original backstory, Zack was trying to kind of become a YouTube star and get money that way to help his mom, and so he was doing all these crazy stunts and posting it online.


This is disheartening to hear considering the Black Ranger has become a fan favorite. Portrayed by actor Ludi Lin, the Black Ranger was capable of acrobatics and performing crazy stunts before his powers were bestowed upon him. The omission of this background story certainly hurt the character’s development in the film. Hopefully future sequels will help to explore the character further.

Power Rangers is currently available on DVD/Blu-Ray. What do you think? Should they have left the background for the Black Ranger, or did the film not need it? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Neo-Saban Power Rangers

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  1. Thats actually a good backstory. I did think it was a lil cheesy for him to just be doing those stunts and stuff no reason but this tidbit makes it make a lil more sense

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