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#SOTD: Steve Lacy’s ‘Dark Red’

Earlier this year, an all but unknown fella by the name of Steve Lacy came across my suggested tracks on SoundCloud. The hi-hat heavy intro to alone was all I needed before I pressed like and added “Dark Red,” to my “Morning Routine.” It was essential that this song became a part of my rotation, and it can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

Lacy has described his style of music as plaid, because “there’s so much going on, but it doesn’t clash.” That sums it up perfectly for his single “Dark Red.” The drum kit, the twangy guitar and his raspy, yet angelic harmonies all tie-in in ways unheard before. Now, you have break-up songs, and then you have the “Baby, we can work it out,” songs. If you’ve found yourself on the declining side of a rocky situationship, I suggest you forward one of those links to your lover.

Something bad is ’bout to happen to me

I don’t know what  but I feel it, lady

I think of her so much it drives me crazy

I just hope she don’t wanna leave me

He’s bracing himself for heartbreak, a feeling all too familiar for most. This song is reminiscent of confiding in your friends that you might lose someone so special to you, and it could be your fault. Maybe you were too distant, too jealous, or too careless with your words. Whatever it was, you’re willing to make it right so they won’t leave, even if though chances are high they’ve already made their mind up. After the “Dark Red” phase, in which they finally decide to move on, break out the ice cream, the squad night out and if you’re legal enough to drink, grab some whiskey and get your cry on.


Steve Lacy’s debut album, Steve Lacy’s Demo

Steve Lacy’s Demo is his debut solo album, as he’s previously acted as guitarist and backing vocals for The Internet. The man is only 18, and has some pretty impressive credits under his thrifted belt. He’s crossed paths with Kendrick Lamar on “PRIDE” and assisted with J. Cole’s “Foldin Clothes,” both of which boast Lacy’s plaid guitar riffs. He also contributed backup vocals and production to fellow Internet alum, Syd the Kid, on her own debut album, Fin. I don’t think he’s anywhere near peaking and has far to go in this game, but he’s sure off to an impressive start.


ego death

The Internet’s 2015 album Ego Death


If you thought that was where his introduction ended, there’s something else you guys need to know. He records all of his music on his iPhone. He’s experimental in every sense of the word, and it works beautifully. I am in complete awe of his talents. I’ll even go as far as to say we might me looking at the next Pharrell Williams, another pioneer that forged his own lane. He has a distinct sound, that somehow never sounds the same. His formula is simply drum kit, guitar, bass, and intelligent harmonies. It’s effective and leaves room for countless variation. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this kid. Maybe request “Ryd” at your next house party.

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