Arrow Season 5 courtesy of The CW

Production Begins on Arrow Season 6; Season Premiere Title Revealed

Production has already started on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Now it’s Arrow’s turn as production is currently underway for the show’s sixth season. With the reveal of the news, executive producer Marc Guggenheim also shared the title given to the Season 6 premiere:

Episode 6.01, directed by James Bamford with a script from Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle, is entitled “Fallout.” How apropos, especially considering the final scenes of Season 5’s explosive finale. With questions raised as to how Team Arrow and all of Oliver’s allies will survive Prometheus’ death blow to Lian Yu, the first episode of next season is expected to have a lot packed in.

Previously, Guggenheim has teased that not all of the consequences surrounding the Season 5 finale will be fatal. What that will entail remains to be seen. That said, “Fallout” doesn’t have to solely relate to adverse circumstances… it could also be linked to something nuclear. We don’t know what exactly Adrian Chase used for explosives — perhaps Season 6 kicks off in an apocalyptic manner of sorts. It’s a stretch, but the Arrowverse has done stranger things in recent memory.

What do you make of the use of “Fallout,” and how do you expect to see the aftermath of Season 5 open up Season 6? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments below.


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