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Fan Creates Overwatch Television Trailer

The video game sensation Overwatch created by Blizzard has taken the world by storm.  Since its first release in May 2016, it has garnered up several players, fans, and extreme hype.  The multiplayer, first-person shooter RPG includes a wide variety of playable characters from diverse backgrounds, and the lore details an extraordinary world for the fans to enjoy.  From the gameplay itself to the characters’ backstories to the comics and the shorts, Overwatch has a lot to offer.

So it comes to no surprise that this game and its story has gathered a lot of love.  And though there does not seem like the video game will be releasing a television series nor are there any signs of a Netflix/Blizzard collaboration, one fan took it upon themselves to imagine an Overwatch television series.

See the fan-made trailer below:

Using scenes from the Overwatch shorts as well as a masterful use of video editing, YouTube user Lion Montages created their interpretation of what a potential Overwatch television series would look like.

Blizzard has certainly offered their fans a lot of lore and backstory into the game and world of Overwatch, but it does make one curious what else the company has in store; perhaps a television show.

Would you like to see a television series based on this game?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: ScreenRant


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