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Comic Writer Gail Simone Wants To Pen Script for ‘Power Rangers’ Sequel

The Power Rangers reboot film is now available for purchase on DVD and for streaming online and it seems like its first week sales are doing much better than people anticipated. The film took a more serious tone than the more campy nature of its television series counterpart. Many didn’t like the grounded and mature approach director Dean Israelite decided to take but many actually liked it better than they had hoped. One of those satisfied movie goers is popular comic-book writer Gail Simone.

Gail Simone is most known for her runs on comic-book series like Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Birds Of Prey. More recently, she decided to live tweet her personal experience while watching her home DVD of Power Rangers and she wasn’t shy in revealing how connected she felt to the characters. In fact, she was so connected that it inspired an idea for the film’s sequel. Check out her series of tweets below:

The decision to go through with a sequel for Power Rangers is still being decided since the film’s box office wasn’t as impressive as the filmmakers had hoped. However, the fact that the characters are resonating with a creative mind like Gail Simone speaks volumes. Would you be interested in watching a Power Rangers sequel written by Simone? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Heroic Hollywood, Twitter

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