With the Castlevania series launching on Netflix this Friday, excitement for the seminal franchise’s return continues to build. Adding to that momentum, series creator, Adi Shankar has announced plans for an anime set in the Assassin’s Creed universe. Shankar revealed the news recently in a Facebook post, which can be read in full below:

Screenshot of Adi Shankar's Facebook Post
Screenshot of Adi Shankar’s Facebook Post

Shankar has yet to talk specifics, such as a setting, characters, and whether or not the show will be a Netflix production. Because the project is a series, the franchise’s vast lore is bound to receive extensive development.

This announcement seems to be the television series Ubisoft revealed as a work-in-progress earlier this year. The publisher, like Shankar, isn’t talking details at this time either. But as the wait for more information proceeds, Assassin’s Creed Origins, the latest title in the long-running series, will keep fans occupied this fall when it launches on October 27.

Coming off the heels of the original story in the Michael Fassbender-starring film that opened last December, what do you hope to see explored in an Assassin’s Creed anime? Share your thoughts below.

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