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Aubrey Plaza Reveals Difficulties of Being a Deadpan Actor

Parks and Recreation alum Aubrey Plaza recently did a photoshoot with Rogue magazine, sharing some interesting advice regarding the pros and cons of being a “deadpan actor.”

She revealed that she is mostly drawn to work that challenges her. “I gravitate toward things that are scary and things where I feel like I don’t even know if I can pull that off.”

Regarding her iconic role on the series Parks and Recreation, she confessed there were times where she had forgotten the importance and popularity of the show, saying that none other than Nick Offerman was always present to remind her.  “I always had moments where I’d forget and complain, but the group of people was so genuine and amazing. Nick Offerman would remind me all the time. He would be like, ‘We’re on the best show in television. We’re having the best time ever.’ And I’d just be like, ‘Yes, yes we are.’”

Lastly, Plaza is widely recognized as having “deadpan” humor, which, to others, may come off easier than it looks. Plaza states that although April Ludgate was seen as a “deadpan” character, she had a lot of motives for her actions.  “Being a ‘deadpan’ actor and comedian is harder than people think. Being funny with doing nothing at all is a skill that some people have honed that is really hard. There is a lot going on, even though it seems like there’s nothing going on. The frustrating thing about being labeled as ‘deadpan’ is that, for me, April Ludgate was a human being that had so many things going on and motivations for everything she said and did.”

If you’re going through withdrawals of your daily dose of Aubrey Plaza, she will be starring in the dark comedy Ingrid Goes West, releasing this August. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think of her upcoming film.

Source: JustJared 

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