There are still a myriad of questions circling Arrow’s fifth season finale. However, if one question trumps the rest, it’s who the Season 6 big bad will be. There’s still no official word, but TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich reportedly has the scoop.

In responding to a fan question on the publication’s Inside Line, Mitovich teased the following about Arrow’s main villain for the upcoming season: “The next, yet-to-be-cast Big Bad has been on many a fan’s wish list.” Of course, should Mitovich be correct, the vague hint doesn’t offer much to go on. Yet, there are a few notable characters that have been at the top of many a fan-favorite lists.

Onomatopoeia Courtesy of DC
Onomatopoeia Courtesy of DC

While discussing his The Flash directorial debut (Season 2’s The Runaway Dinosaur), Kevin Smith was vocal about wanting to work on Arrow. His idea centered on writing an episode, or several, featuring his own creation — Green Arrow villain, Onomatopoeia. Since Smith made public his desire of bringing the character to life, fans too have been hoping to see the little known rogue hit the small screen. If the goal is to keep the series grounded, roots ventured again in Season 5, Onomatopoeia would be a strong addition to the show’s cast.

Lady Shiva and Huntress in Birds of Prey Courtesy of DC
Lady Shiva and Huntress in Birds of Prey Courtesy of DC

One character ever-present in fans’ Arrow wishlist is Lady Shiva. As perhaps the most vicious of DC assassins, her story arc, if done right, could rival Deathstroke’s. Lady Shiva’s League connections alone make her a perfect fit for the show, especially considering the attention given to Talia al Ghul and the return of Nyssa.

Details on Arrow Season 6, including the main villain, are expected at San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off later this month. Who do you think Team Arrow will have to overcome next? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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