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RUMOR ALERT: X-Men: Dark Phoenix Plot Details Reveals Magneto’s Role in the Film

WARNING: Possible spoilers below for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix undergoing filming in Montreal, there has been no shortage on casting news for the upcoming mutant-filled movie. Now, we get our first possible piece of information on plot details outside of the movie using the iconic Dark Phoenix Saga storyline.

Nerdist reported that “Michael Fassbender’s new Magneto costume is meant to suggest the imagery commonly associated with cult leaders”. What we took away from this is that Magneto may be reigning over the island of Genosha, like he did in the comics from the 90’s. Earlier I reported that the movie may be taking the Asteroid M route, since the producers confirmed the franchise is going Nuclear, especially with the inclusion of the Shi’ar Empire. It now seems more logical and easier to convey in film to have Magneto reign supreme over Genosha rather than Asteroid M.


We could be seeing Fassbender’s Magneto playing a crucial role in Dark Phoenix. Hopefully director Simon Kinberg has learned from his mistakes of X-Men: The Last Stand and focus on telling the Dark Phoenix saga right, without over crowding the movie with multiple story lines.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix makes its way into theaters November 2, 2018!

Source: Nerdist


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