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Mike Colter Says ‘The Defenders’ Will Be Like A ‘Summer Popcorn Thing’

Marvel and Netflix Alliance is one of the best things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving us content that’s more mature than the films we see in theatres. In Marvel’ Netflix series we get to see more violent and crude scenes, and while all of this series are in a shared universe, there are still differences among them.

In Daredevil, we get to see the story of a vigilante with incredible fighting sequences, while he questions himself the moral conflicts of doing what need to be done; meanwhile, Jessica Jones is like a detective story with some aspects of a psychological thriller, dealing with alcoholism and PTSD; Luke Cage, on his part, is western hip-hop, dealing with racism; and Iron Fist is the constant struggle of power.


As you can see there are many differences among these shows, not only on the narrative but on the tone, so it’s not shocking to see fans wondering how are they going to be assembled in The Defenders and what tone is the series going to have.

According to actor Mike Colter, speaking at Denver Comic-Con, The Defenders is going to be a “Summer mash-up of all four of us, that has certain lightness, and one it’s fun and funny. His final words were that the show was very much like a “summer popcorn thing.”

This makes sense, kind of, since The Defenders will only have eight episodes, oppose to the standard thirteen, and there are four main characters to develop, not just one. We cannot expect the same depth and growth we’ve seen in previous shows; most likely we’ll see a plot driven season focussing in the villain and uniting the team.


Of course, we can also expect a focus on their interactions, how they get to know each other and start working as a team, but nothing any truly deep since there isn’t enough time.

Time will only tell if this approach is the good one, for The Avengers worked, because there need to be balance, that’s the whole point at the end of the day.

What do you think about this news? Are you worried or excited for Colter’s words?
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The Defenders hits Netflix this August 18.

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