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Attack on Titan Season 3 Set to Premiere in Spring 2018

After Attack on Titan’s second season wrapped (raising an onslaught of questions), Season 3 was announced to launch in 2018. Of course, many fans took the news with a grain of salt… it’s hard to forget the previous wait. However, confidence seems to be the driving force behind the reveal, as a more specific window of Spring 2018 was offered at Funimation’s Anime Expo.

While exciting, it’s important to keep the uncontrollable hype in check, but not just because of Attack on Titan’s history of broken promises. Apparently, the date is a tentative one.

If Wit Studio is able to make good on the date provided, it could mean a host of questions are answered ahead of expectation. The Beast Titan is still shrouded in mystery, as are details concerning Eren’s “Coordinate” abilities.

Attack on Titan Season 2's Finale Courtesy of Wit Studio

Eren in Attack on Titan Season 2’s Finale Courtesy of Wit Studio

What are you thoughts on Attack on Titan Season 2 and its highly anticipated third outing? Let us know in the comments.

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