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Riverdale Star Teases Season 2’s “New Looming Threat”

Spoilers for Riverdale’s first season follow.

As Riverdale Season 1 came to a close, one major plotline received closure. Soon thereafter, though, another mystery opened — who shot Fred Andrews, and why? Season 2 is expected to answer this question and several more, but there are plenty of other threads The CW series is bound to explore. What they are and how they will be approached is publicly unknown. But one star of the hit show has teased what’s on the horizon.

Talking to Collider, Madchen Amick, Riverdale’s Alice Cooper, spoke a bit about Season 2. During the conversation, Amick, without divulging too much, hinted at a new threat that’s sure to keep Riverdale citizens on their toes.

“Yeah, I know a lot of really good paths that we’re all gonna take, and it’s exciting. I’m impressed that the writers come up with these trajectories for the characters and families, and how they intertwine. From what I’ve heard about Season 2, it just sounds like it’s gonna be an even better season than the first one. There’s a new looming threat that’s gonna be showing up in Riverdale for Season 2 that I think you’re gonna really enjoy.”

Riverdale Season 1 courtesy of the cw

Photo Courtesy of The CW

Of course, this “new looming threat” could be a reference to Hiram Lodge’s impending arrival. The Lodge family patriarch is at the head of many fan theories concerning the attack on Fred. However, Amick’s tease could intimate any number of things… as Season 1 proved, the writers have plenty of surprises in store.

Who, or what, do you think will encompass the threat in Riverdale’s sophomore season? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

Riverdale returns this fall, with a new date and time, on Wednesday, October 11 at 8 pm EST.







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