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Second Season of Preacher to Explore Storylines From the Comics

There’s good news for fans of Preacher who were a little disheartened at the distance between the first season of the show and the comic books. The first season was more of a prequel to the comics than following them, setting up the three main characters and firmly establishing their backstories in the town of Annville. According to executive producer Sam Catlin however, the upcoming season will be making an attempt to return to its comic book roots.


In a recent interview with Moviefone, Catlin addressed upcoming changes in the show and the direction they will be going in:

“So what we want to do is we always want to make “Preacher” feel like “Preacher,” and we delve a little deeper into some of these, what look like little pit stops on the road in the comic book become whole episodes, or several episodes, or stuff like that. For this season, I won’t say, but we were going to have like this season be two halves, and we were going to end up with one arc, and then move on to a whole other world for the second half. Then we kept pushing it off. It’s like, “Well, maybe we can get to that world for the last four episodes.” Then maybe just the last two. Then we realized, there’s so much story with this world that we’re just with these characters that we’re just bringing in, and we don’t want to shortchange this other world that we’re really excited about getting to. So yeah, it’s exactly what you say: sometimes it’s just a couple of issues in a comic book of places that Jesse winds up, but they’re whole worlds for us on a TV show that we can really delve into.”

A trailer for the second season can be seen here.

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Season 2 of Preacher premieres on Sunday, June 25 at 10pm on AMC.



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