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Dazzler Will Be Featured In “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

After tons of speculation from fans and critics alike, it has been confirmed that Dazzler, a mutant pop singer who can manipulate light, will appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Dazzler’s role will be a small one in the film, according to Entertainment Weekly. Casting notices for the new X-Men film were released a couple weeks ago, including a notice for a character going by the name “Brittany.”

“Strong singing skills are a plus, but not mandatory,” the notice read, hinting that “Brittany” is Alison Blaire a.k.a. Dazzler.

X-Men: Apocalypse featured a deleted scene where Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan) find Dazzler’s album at a record store. Turner made a 1989 reference in an Instagram post, which fans took to mean Taylor Swift would be playing Dazzler. According to Entertainment Weekly, there are no plans for Swift to play Dazzler in the film.

Dark Phoenix begins filming this summer, and is scheduled for release on November 2, 2018.

Who do you hope to see play Dazzler? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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