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Star Wars Game Developed By Visceral Games Has Reportedly Been Leaked

The much-anticipated Star Wars game developed by Visceral Games has been leaked.

Gaming Informer reporters that the details of the Star Wars game, under the development of creative director Amy Henning, was revealed in a Star Wars fansite


Visceral Games’ Star Wars Video Game concept art (source:

The website’s Editor-In-Chief, Jason Ward, reveals in a that “the game is currently referred to as Project Ragtag and focuses on a character named Dodger set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.” Ward further divulges more details, saying that the main character, Dodger, “was forced into the criminal underground to avoid being drafted into the Imperial Army and finds himself in the employ of Jabba The Hutt.”

There is more details revealed by Ward himself on the original post, which can be seen here.

Source: Gaming Informer,


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