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Sonequa Martin-Green Beautifully Shuts Down Racist ‘Star Trek’ Fans

Star Trek: Discovery has yet to begin and it’s already caused a whirlwind of criticism from certain self-proclaimed Trekkies who believe the new show’s casting is “too diverse”.

According to Entertainment Weekly, even the term “white genocide” was thrown into conversation about the CBS series. Star Trek alum George Takei stood up for the upcoming television show, applauding its casting choices.

Star of the series, Sonequa Martin-Green, has broken her silence on the trolls. When asked what she had to say to these self-declared Star Trek fans, Martin-Green had some choice words:

“Well, I would encourage them to key into the essence and spirit of Star Trek that has made it the legacy it is — and that’s looking across the way to the person sitting in front of you and realizing you are the same, that they are not separate from you, and we are all one. That’s something Star Trek has always upheld and I completely believe that is why it’s been a mainstay in society in the hearts of so many people for so many decades. I would encourage them to look past their opinions and social conditioning and key into what we’re doing here — which is telling a story about humanity that will hopefully bring us all together.”

Martin-Green is absolutely spot-on with her reply and continued to point out that these so-called “fans” are missing the essence of Star Trek and the world that Gene Roddenberry envisioned:

“And it’s hard to understand and appreciate Star Trek if you don’t understand and appreciate that. It’s one of the foundational principles of Star Trek and I feel if you miss that then you miss the legacy itself. I’m incredibly proud to be the lead of this show and be at the forefront of an iteration of Star Trek that’s from the eyes of a black woman that’s never been done before, though obviously there’s been other forms of diversity that have been innovated by Trek. I feel like we’re taking another step forward, which I think all stories should do. We should go boldly where nobody has gone before and stay true to that.”

Martin-Green most definitely hit the nail on the head with her reply. I don’t think anyone could have said it better.

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on Sunday, September 24 on CBS. Be sure to check it out!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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