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Justice For Barb Will Be Addressed in Season 2 of Stranger Things

It’s undeniable that Barb Holland was one of the fan favorites in the first season of last year’s summer hit Stranger Things. Played by Shannon Purser, Holland ultimately did not make it to the end of the first season, fans have rallied together to demand justice for the character under an assortment of hashtags like #WeAreAllBarb and the most popular, #JusticeForBarb.

Though the Duffer brothers have already stated that they will not be bringing her back to life in the upcoming season, justice for the character will happen. In an interview with TV Guide, David Harbour who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper in the show says that fan voices have been heard and justice for the high schooler will happen.

“We had no idea how much she would take off. I mean, the hair, the glasses, the blouse, the ‘is that a new bra,’ the judgment — all that, it is so wonderful when it was put together, but we had no idea she would take off in the way she did. Barb is clearly dead, but as a result, I think, of some of the fandom and also as a result of what we want to explore, justice for Barb is a big thing in season two. Barb was not given the justice she deserved in Season One because we were focused on Will and saving a child, but so we’ve realized from the fans that Barb is important, and so we are going to treat her with the respect that she deserves.”

Are ya’ll excited for season two now that you know something is being done about Barb? Tell us how you feel in the comments below!

Stranger Things season two premieres on Netflix on October 31.



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