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Examination of Swae Lee’s Best Features

Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee has been putting all kinds of work in the music industry. He has writing credits for Beyoncé under his belt and is on track to becoming a hip hop legend. Alongside his brother Slim Jimmi, they are making a name for themselves in the music business as well as the fashion business, where they’ll be launching their own line of classic Reebok street wear. I recently took upon myself to find the best songs that feature a Swae Lee verse outside of Rae Sremmurd’s impeccable efforts. Let us begin:

Bars of Soap

Can be found on Ransom 2 by Ear Drummers colleague, Mike WiLL Made-It

Favorite Line: “Some bombs never go off, some stars never blow up

There’s something about this new generation where they keep having to prove to the oldheads that they deserve a spot in hip hop. Swae and a few of his other peers just prove their worth by not asking for acceptance- they just put out hits, remain unbothered and stack up the checks. On this track in particular, the “No Flex Zone” contributor spends 4 minutes and 19 seconds letting you know exactly what he’s capable of, which is hopping on a snare-driven beat and laying consistent bars with unwavering momentum.


Can be found on EPIC AF by the honorable DJ Khaled

Favorite Line: “If you love the girl, then I’m so so sorry. I gotta give it to her like we in a marriage.”

This song went platinum this past weekend, and is very deserving of the accolade. A groovy and chill vibe with Swae’s soft vocals make for easy listening. Although he and his brother/music partner, Slim Jimmi, are self-proclaimed rockstars, this track shows the versatility Swae is capable of. You can play this song while getting ready for work, during pregame festivities or biking at sunset. You’ll want to dance and be carefree. This song is also featured on our Spotify summer playlist because it sets the tone for the perfect summer adventure, so be sure to check it out!

Poor Fool

Can be found on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music by trap music veteran, 2 Chainz

Favorite Line: “I said close your mouth and eat, you make some paper then you make your own rules.”

As I mentioned earlier, Swae is all about making hits and this song is no exception. His hook contributions have the potential to reach Quavo’s status. Pretty soon, having Swae featured on a track will mean a certified hit. The day this album dropped, I heard “Poor Fool” out of countless car windows. It’s just smooth and is full of motivating lyrics. Be your own brand, your own boss, and take charge of yourself. So, yes, 2 Chainz, this pretty girl is all for the vision.

Yacht Master

Can be found on Keep God First by producer Murda Beatz

Favorite Line: “Banging my sh-t, that other sh-t weird. I’m the fresh prince of the city.”

I’m actually just gonna focus on that line right there. My father is from the Mississippi Delta, the area that Rae Sremmurd is from and it’s an underrated collection of talent. In fact, notable blues artist, BB King is from the Delta. They don’t play, so to hear Swae compare himself to the Fresh Prince, I can personally confirm the analogy is accurate. It’s very little more than Highway 82 and dirt roads, but picturesque nonetheless. However, the rarity of blowing up to Rae Sremmurd’s caibur coming from such humble beginnings is inspiring in and of itself.

Drinks On Us

This is a single produced by Mike WiLL Made-It that featured The Weeknd, Future and Rae Sremmurd

Favorite Line: “If y’all wanna slither with the snakes then y’all go head. I keep a pedicures lawn, so then snakes they will be dead.

Not only does Swae and his team sponsor the turn up, they are the turn up. They’re not here for drama, negative vibes or anything that takes away from the good time of linking up with your squad. That’s one thing I appreciate about my generation of hip hop contributors. Beef? Diss tracks? The ones worried about anything but providing feel good jams to loyal fans don’t stay around too long, and aren’t too much respected by critics (i.e. Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Bobby Shmurda). This track is laced with “good vibes only” rhetoric.

Night Crawler

This track appears on Travis Scott’s Rodeo and features the legend, the man, Chief Keef himself.

Favorite Line: “And I don’t need your drink, high off life.”

Speaking of turning up, who better to link up with on a track with than fellow carefree black boys, Chief Keef and Travis Scott? With a similar message to “Drinks on Us,” it’s another good song to pregame too. Next time you’re on your way to the function and you need to slide this on the aux.

Ball Out the Lot

This is a single that Swae linked up with #SremmLife member, Bobo Swae

Favorite Line: “B-tches say I’m acting Hollywood, but I’m never acting fake.”

When you’ve struggled to make the kind of life for yoursel the way Swae Lee has, in my opinion, you have every right to flex your success. It’s more about self-affirmation than it is about “oh hey my riches make me better than you.” He’s earned the privilege to let people know who he is and how he got here, and honestly it’s motivation. Whatever your passion is, however big and impossible your dreams may seem, of course hard work is necessary, but the payoff is all that more sweeter.

While all of these tracks go absolutely bananas with Swae Lee on his own, I do highly recommend Rae Sremmurd’s entire discography. Slim Jimmi and Swae are the perfect combo and make consistent bangers for any occasion. I just had to give my boy Swae props because he’s making his rounds left and right with these features and just recently went platinum with “Unforgettable.” You can follow me personally on Spotify at taloriastiffin and follow Geeks of Color’s account at GeeksOfColor!


  1. Hey there, Miss T! You certainly gave the songwriter/musicians their props. You are a good writer and I look forward to seeing more of your articles. Maybe you can publish my book???? Love, Chap C

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