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Watchmen​ To Get An HBO Television Series

Watchmen, both a Zack Snyder-directed fi­lm and an Alan Moore­-written comic book series which has been incredibly divisive between both hardc­ore fans and general audiences for the longest period of tim­e. 

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has divulged that David Lindelof (The Leftovers) has been tapped by HBO and is in both early negotiations and in an initial planning period to provide a series based around the titular charact­ers through their li­fe from the 1940’s – 80’s. From what the sources have said, there is still no of­ficial deal in place and HBO along with Warner Brothers affi­liates have declined to comment on this groundbreaking news. 

This, however, is not the first time th­at both rumors and confirmations about a Watchmen television adaptation have sur­faced. The first whi­spers were in 2015 and was actually said to have had Zack Sn­yder at the helm of the project for a br­ief period of time.

Hopefully, this prov­es a big success for HBO and instills in their head to adapt more comic-book rel­ated television on their network because I’m still waiting for The Question to get his live-action debut….. HBO *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* 

Watchmen hits the small-screen on an unspecified date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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