Rick Famuyiwa left The Flash last year over creative differences and in their search for a new director it seems like there has been some warring going on behind the scenes. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller originally wrote the treatment for The Flash in 2015 but they were never thought to or expected to direct it. However according to TheWrap’s sources the duo met with DC to discuss the directing gig whilst they were on filming hiatus from the Han Solo spinoff. I find their lack of faith disturbing.

[Update] It is now clear that they were looking to jump ship presumably aware of Kathleen Kennedy’s incoming wrath. They were fired from the Han Solo spinoff. More details on that here.

Pictured: Robert Zemeckis.

To throw another spanner into the mix, Back to the Future writer-director Robert Zemeckis is currently thought to be the frontrunner to direct the DC flick starring Ezra Miller as The Flash.

It is worth noting that The Flash has already lost two directors. Seth Grahame-Smith was the first to be attached and then Rick Famuyiwa. Can they risk hiring Lord and Miller given the circumstances? The fans of superhero and comicbook films are very committed to following the production and these stories can seriously affect the anticipation for them, not only would Robert Zemeckis be a safer choice but he is battle-tested for the kind of sci-fi element that The Flash would require.

What do you think? Zemeckis or Lord and Miller? Or someone else? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TheWrap

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