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Rumor Alert: Fantastic Four Spin-Off In Development

After two disastrous attempts, Fox might try again to hold onto the Fantastic Four by focusing on even younger demographic.


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According to Bleeding Cool, who have not disclosed their source, Fox Studios will be developing a Fantastic Four film focusing on the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, Franklin and Valeria. The parents, Ben and Johnny Storm might tag along for this adventure.


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The the family dynamic is very similar The Incredibles, which can be argued was a ripoff of the Fantastic Four. The two previous attempts were drastically different, this might be the approach that finally wins out.




Bleeding Cool claims that the current draft of this new Fantastic Four movie will be written by Seth Grahame-Smith. This should raise a lot of alarms for Fox Studios, but they seem to enjoy seeing themselves fail. Grahame-Smith a novelist and comic book writer, was previously attached to direct The Flash, which would have been his directorial debut. He adapted his own book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and his novels Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was adapted by Burr Steers at Lionsgate. Grahame-Smith wrote Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, and contributed to the 2014’s Fantastic Four film. Hs script for The Flash is still with WB, but it has been reported that it has undergone re-writes.



This is a resume that should have any studio running for the hills, yet he wrote the current draft, one of many I suspect. With his connection to the recent iteration, this is a very real possibility.

Fox can only hold onto the rights to Fantastic Four as long as they keep producing films.

Source: Bleeding Cool.

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