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Mill City’s Finest: The New Animated Web-Series to Look Out For

Here at Geeks of Color, we occasionally get sent some pretty neat stuff to check out. While not all of it gets posted on our webpage, some stuff is just too cool to not share. That brings me to the topic of discussion: Mill City’s Finest.


Mill City’s Finest is set to be a new action-drama focused animated web series that follows the story of a hero: a first-gen Liberian-American named Aundre Weah and his friends as they combat the problems that are plaguing their town. Of course, no hero’s tale is complete without some personal problems, and even some character growth. What truly looks interesting about this series is the obvious and apparent influence of the character’s culture. From the design, to the locations, even to his costume. As a Nigerian-American, I can appreciate such things to the fullest.

While there isn’t much information on the series, Samuel Stevquoah, the show’s creator, has posted on the show’s twitter page, keeping fans updated on everything relating to the upcoming project. He’s personally described the show’s tone to line up with those of Ben 10: Alien Force, and Young Justice. Both of those shows were amazing, so most fans would be more than likely to check this series out based off that alone.

Now here’s the big question: when are you going to be able to watch this thing? Well it’s looking like Stevquoah and co. are trying to build a bigger following for MCF before they start pouring out the episodes. That’s where we come in guys. Let’s give this show a big following and get the name out there. It’s not often that we get such unique and culturally-inspired projects in today’s media.

Check out the trailer for this lit series above, give it a thumbs-up, and then head over to their twitter page and give them a follow!

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