Interracial Couples In Comics

Interracial couples are not something we see often in media, either because people are still edgy on that subject or because other things. But that’s not the point of this.

I wrote this article so I could share with you some of the interracial couples that exist in the Marvel and DC Universe, some of them are popular, some of them are unknown, and others we didn’t know a particular character was a person of colour.

Let’s begin

[Potential spoilers below]

Luke Cage & Jessica Jones


This couple became popular thanks to Netflix’ show Jessica Jones, but in comics, this pair has been married for more than 10 years, even having a daughter together named Danielle Cage (in honor of Danny Rand).

In comics, their relationship has not been an easy one, dealing with jealousy, insecurities, misunderstandings, the trauma Jessica experienced with Purple Man, among other things, but at the end of the day, they love each other above everything else.

She’s even taken his name.



Although in the MCU they were together for a few episodes, it’s still unclear whether Marvel will follow the steps of their comic’s counterparts or not. However, one thing is sure, we will see them again in the Netflix’ new series The Defenders, premiering this August.

Wally West & Lynda Park


It’s canon that Linda Park-West is Korean-American television reporter for Keystone City.

In comics, the pair has deal with a lot, like Wally nearly being killed by the Black Flash and Linda being abducted with all of her memories erased, but it has been proven time after time how much in love they are and how deep is their relationship.


Eventually, they got married and had twins, and even though the events in Infinite Crisis caused Wally to disappear, they still shared one last heartfelt moment.


From what it seems, it’s unlikely we see the pair come to live action soon.

Tyrone “Ty” Johnson & Tandy Bowen


They met in New York as runaways, but with a different background. Tyrone, a 17-year-old from Boston with a debilitating stutter, ran away when his stutter prevented him from stopping his friend from being shot by police officer who mistakenly believed that he had robbed a store. Tandy, on the other hand, was a 16-year-old girl from a wealthy background in Ohio who ran away because her rich supermodel mother was too busy to spend time with her.

However, after they met and became friends. And after a series of events gained superpowers, and dubbed themselves Cloak (Tyrone) and Dagger (Tandy), to declare war on drug crime in combating drug-dealers and try to help runaway children.


Though their relationship has had its ups and downs, they are devoted to each other, although Tandy wants more in life. Tyrone has run away many times, believing the darkness inside him will consume Tandy, not understanding that she is fully willing to use her light power to satisfy his darkness.

We’ll soon see the pair in a Live-Action show, Cloak & Dagger, available on Freeform next year.

Talia Al Ghul & Bruce Wayne


Since she’s the daughter of one of the greatest villains Batman has to face, the pair has a… complicated relationship, to put it mildly.

During their first encounters, Talia showed what most would call love devotion for the Dark Knight as strong, feelings the rivalled those she had for her father. She would often save Batman from her father’s plan, but in the end, she would always choose to remain by her father’s side.

It’s not sure if Batman ever truly loved Talia, but it seems she did love the cape crusader, even calling him ‘My Beloved’ from time to time.


After several encounters with Ra’s, Talia and Bruce eventually had a sexual encounter, from which their son Damian Wayne was born.


The most recent representation we’d have is on The Dark Knight Rises, where she suffered from the popular white-washing as she was played by Marion Cotillard. Let’s hope the DCEU doesn’t make that same mistake, instead casting an Arabic actress.

Matt Murdock & Elektra Natchios


They met in college; a naive Matt Murdock fell in love with the dangerous Elektra Natchios. She was intrigued with Matt, and after he revealed he had superhuman senses that compensated for his blindness, they fell in love.

Their relationship was good (although Foggy Nelson might disagree), but it all came to an end when Elektra’s father was murdered and she lost her faith in the law and in humanity. She left America without looking back and Matt with a broken heart.

Years later, she returned to NY as a bounty hunter and assassin for hire, where she crossed paths with Daredevil, her old love Matt Murdock.


Although Daredevil and she argue due to how they approached the law, it was clear the two still cared deeply for one another.


They have been both partners against the Hand and enemies, when she became the chief assassin for Wilson Fisk, the alleged Kingpin-of-Crime.

The last time we saw them together was on Daredevil’s season 2 and will soon see them again in The Defenders this fall.

Renee Montoya & Kate Kane


Renee and Kate also come from different backgrounds — Renee is pure working class, while Kate is a rich socialite — but they both have a law and order background and then later become superheroes.


Kate and Renee hook up right after Kate’s kick out of the military and when Renee’s a newly minted cop. As Renee heads toward a detective promotion, Kate finds herself asking how she can make the world better, only to run into the Batman himself, later becoming Batwoman. Renee later became The Question.

On the personal side, Kate’s out to her family and accepted, while Renee’s still very much closeted.


They are both stubborn and want to save the world and themselves, not loving when they have to rely on others, but they do care about the other and will do anything to keep them safe. However, they have broken up.

It’s not certain that we’ll see them soon in live-action form, but The Batman might prove us wrong.

Finn Jones & Misty Knight


Yes, this couple might come as a surprise for those who watched Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but the pair have come a long way as they are long-time love interests and lovers in comics.

Rand and Knight have remained an on-again, off-again couple over the years, but they seem destined to stay together, even though they suffered of a “phantom pregnancy,” (a side effect caused by Danny Rand’s Chi powers). This event proved a relationship killer at the time and like a really bad excuse for not wanting them to have a baby, but hey, comics are weird.


This couple also shares the tittle for being the first interracial kiss in mainstream comics, back in 1977.


NOTE: This is comics I’m talking about, Captain Kirk and Uhura still have the tittle for first onscreen interracial kiss.

We’ll see the pair again in Netflix’ The Defenders August 18.

Selina Kyle & Bruce Wayne


Yes, Bruce Wayne is a well known playboy, so the odds where high on him appearing twice on this list, and yes, Selina Kyle is canonically of Cuban heritage. It was revealed in Catwoman #81 and later confirmed in Catwoman #89 by Harley Quinn.


This is one of the most known and popular ships in comics, known as “BatCat,” and although the couple has been on and off for over 70 years. They know each other secret identities, and although they have never been ‘an official couple’ is known for a lot of people that they care about each other deeply.

Though there’s more of their story than what we see at first glance.

On the Earth-Two continuity, their story developed to the point were Catwoman reformed and Batman admitted his love for her, marrying shortly after and having a daughter, Helena Wayne, who would later become the Huntress.


On Earth-One, Catwoman and Batman were often at odds since they were on different sides of the law, but eventually, Catwoman reformed and Batman accepted her as part of the vigilante team in Gotham City. Coincidentally, Bruce Wayne also started a romantic relationship with Selina Kyle. Despite this developments, Catwoman realized Batman and Bruce could not totally trust her and she would always leave Gotham, to keep away from both men who were one and the same.

In the continuity we know, however, Batman has put The Mission first, time after time, always choosing Gotham and its protection above everything else…. Until recently.

In the last issue of Batman Rebirth, we got to see a shocking, although lovely, proposal.


We can see a Live-Action version of the pair in Gotham, set to return with it’s fourth season on Fox.

Honorary Mentions:

  • Apollo & Midnighter
  • Dick Grayson & Koriand’r
  • Superman & Lois Lane (because Superman in an alien, of another race).

What do you think about this couples? Did we miss one?
Let us know in the comments below!


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