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DCEU Likely to Start Producing R-Rated Films In the Future

It seems like more studios are considering boarding the train of R-Rated content for superhero films. For the longest, the genre has never went past a PG-13 rating with the intent to keep its projects kid friendly. Although, it didn’t do well at the box office, the Zack Snyder directed film Watchmen proved that there is a market for comic book films tailor-made for an adult audience. With the critical and box office success of movies like Deadpool and Logan, it seems that there is no time like the present for the the other studios who own superhero properties to take advantage of the hype and produce the same type of content.

The DCEU is high off the success of the cinematic dream that is Wonder Woman. The film starring Gal Gadot exceeded everyone’s expectations and put Warner Bros. and the DCEU in a favorably good position with critics and audiences after the underwhelming responses received for their previous films Man Of Steel, Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. While they no longer have a solidified film roster that stretches across multiple years like Marvel Studios, the DCEU definitely has some films in the works in an effort to expand their universe and it seems that R-Rated versions of their properties could be included in that growing slate of movies.


Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros

While speaking with Variety, Warner Bros. Chief Toby Emmerich gave a brief but straightforward answer when asked if the DCEU was considering producing some R-Rated content:

“I would be surprised if we didn’t at some point make an R-Rated DC movie”

Emmerich went on to explain that he’s brainstorming on ways that the DCEU could separate itself from being compared to Marvel Studios which tends to be a little more family-friendly. Emmerich explained that he admires violent, irreverant, and very adult comic-book movies like Logan and Deadpool.

There you have it. Emmerich didn’t confirm if they already have a film in the works, but it’s good to know a voice on the executive side of things can see the benefits of producing R-Rated movies. The DCEU is already known for its mature and realistic tone set forth by Christopher Nolan and his Dark Knight trilogy, but it seems that Warner Bros. is looking to take it further from mature to completely adult. What do you think of the DCEU producing R-Rated films? What DC Comics property would benefit from an ‘R’ rating? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Variety

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