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Character Breakdowns for Upcoming ‘Titans’ TV Show Revealed

While the characters for the upcoming Titans live-action series have been announced for awhile now, the That Hash Tag Show has released in depth details about these characters. The character details can be seen below:

[John Crossland]Male, late 20s-early 30s, Caucasian. Equal parts charm and impenetrability, John is a cop. He has a nice smile, tired eyes and a cool, distant manner. However, when provoked, his eyes are so lethal “they drain a man of every last bit of spleen.” John is haunted by the murder of his family. Unbeknownst to those around him, he is also a vigilante. In the shadows, he fights with the commitment and conviction of an artist, the brutal grace of a dancer. Mentally and physically, he is covered in a map of scars. And though he fights to escape his past, it is often a losing battle…SERIES LEAD

[SARAH]Female, Mid teens, Open Ethnicity. Troubled, bullied, often scared but unwilling to show it, Sarah is a loner more comfortable hiding in her hoodie than making friends. Haunted by a dark force inside her, Sarah experiences violent episodes that she cannot understand or control. She is also plagued by recurring nightmares that lead her across the country in search of help…SERIES REGULAR

[Casey]Female, 20s, Open ethnicity. Casey is a tall, stunning woman, her beauty so magnificent it’s almost inhuman. Elegant, refined and mysterious, she is on the hunt to discover who is trying to kill her and why. And those after her are in for a surprise because she’s more deadly than anyone they’ve ever encountered…SERIES REGULAR

[JAX]Male, Mid-late teens, Open Ethnicity, Asian preferred. Funny and charming, this amateur thief’s humor hides his insecurities and past pain. Not the toughest kid on the streets, he’s learned to survive in the world with his wit and quick-thinking…SERIES REGULAR

From the descriptions and what we already know about the Titans show, we assume John Crossland is Dick Grayson, Sarah is Raven, Casey is Starfire, and Jax is Beast Boy. No casting news has been revealed yet, but based off of these descriptions we can all wrap our heads around what exactly the team may look like. It should also be noted that all but Dick Grayson’s character have the opportunity for any ethnicity. Dick Grayson, the lead role, will be a white male actor. Seeing as Asian actors could fit the role of an expert martial artist well, DC would be wise to take note from Iron Fist, who made the same mistake of passing on diversifying the role. After all, Dick Grayson has been identified as a person of color since the early 2000’s.


With these new descriptions revealed, who would you like to see bring the team to life?  Are you as disappointed as we are about the potential white washing of Dick Grayson? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: That Hash Tag Show


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