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COMICS: DC’s ‘Metal’ Event To Include Seven Evil Hybrid Batmen

HOLD ONTO YOUR UNDIES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Yes, you read that title correctly with DC’s new Metal event we will be provided the DC Universe’s biggest threat to date: seven batmen whose intelligence is hybridized with the abilities of other leaguers (and two villains) which, according to the series rundown were “spawned from the Dark Multiverse to wreak havoc on Earth”.

These characters (and their one-shots) are being utilized as extensions of the upcoming Metal event which will be penned by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV and the Gotham Resistance crossover special.

Now, from the images and metal band-sounding names of these seven batmen, we are able to make some form of confirmation about each:

  • The Red Death (September 20th) is a Flash hybrid
  • The Dawnbreaker (October 4th) shows a Batman/Green Lantern hybrid.
  • The Drowned (October 18th) will feature the hybrid of Aquaman and Batman
  • The Merciless (October 25th) is a Wonder Woman hybrid…. Yeah, that doesn’t sound safe AT ALL.
  • The Devastator (November 1st) which might just be the dealiest of them all…. Doomsday will be the second-half of the Batman hybrid.
  • The Murder Machine (September 27th), this one seems to be the counterpart of Cyborg, the name is in reference to an event that happened in Forever Evil #6 with Cyborg’s Crime Syndicate counterpart Grid.
  • The Batman Who Laughs (November 15th) Um, yeah, Gotham City is definitely going to die.

Patrick McCallum had this to say about DC’s newest event:

“With names like The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, The Drowned, The Merciless, The Devastator and The Batman Who Laughs, it’s pretty clear that these creatures mean business and prove just how dangerous the Dark Multiverse will be for DC’s heroes. “With the combination of an event comic helmed by two of the most talented creators in comic history a legion of evil Batmen and crossover titles that show just how deeply this event impacts the DCU, fans will know now more than ever that DARK NIGHTS: METAL is something not to be missed.”
Are you excited? I most definitely am!

Source: DC


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